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PTO Fundraising

Fundraising helps support the needs of our students and school. PTO fundraising events are designed to provide quality products, services and community building programs to our students and families, as well as to raise money for various projects. Your support of these events is greatly appreciated and helps provide items and services that otherwise would not have been possible due to budget constraints. 

There are several easy ways that you can participate in raising money for Meridian and the Meridian PTO.


Re-loadable Gift Card Program

The re-loadable gift card program is a highly successful fundraising program, providing up to $10,000 in funding to Meridian each school year. Best of all, it is easy to participate, and at no cost to you!  For more information on this program, please contact Nikki Leverone.

Spirit Nights

Throughout the year, our PTO schedules Meridian Spirit Nights at various establishments to promote community building amongst staff, students and families. While these Spirit Nights will be listed on the calendar, reminder emails will also be sent prior to each event. The restaurants that are scheduled to participate have agreed to give a percentage of their income back to Meridian for use on classroom and building needs. Please view the PTO calendar for upcoming Spirit Nights.