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Principal Memo

Meridian Memo

October 1, 2018

Dear Meridian Community,

I cannot begin to express how much fun I had getting to meet so many of you at the Mustang Mile. Thank you so much for supporting our students. Your donations will make a difference in the resources we are able to provide.

As a parent I know that it can be a challenge to support your child’s education at home. It’s hard to know what will make a difference. We want our children to grow and to be successful adults. There are a few guidelines and tidbits that have helped me both as a parent and principal.  

  • Studies regarding students at top tier colleges discovered a common theme among students that crossed, economic, racial, ethnic, and gender lines – it was not IQ, GPA, G.T, or SAT score, it was that students grew up in a home where their family discussed the daily news, the adults in their life asked them their opinion about world events, and parents encouraged them to explain their beliefs and values. This type of dialogue developed their analytical and critical thinking skills.
  •  Research studies have shown that fostering independence helps students with time management, self-discipline and responsibility.
  • Sleep! Make sure that your child is getting enough rest and sleep each night. With video games, extracurricular activities, cell phones, and social media students are getting less sleep.
  • Share strategies you are using to solve everyday math problems, for example, how you are converting grams to ounces, adding fractions, determining distance, or using percentages.

On Wednesday, September 26th our school conducted a lock-down drill to ensure safety procedures. Our students and staff did a great job. We announced to students prior to the drill that it was only practice and emphasized that they were safe. We will conduct one more practice drill in the spring. It will be unannounced to staff and students. I will be sure to send home communication so you can follow-up. Please take some time to discuss with your child school safety and how important it is to follow safety instructions from teachers, school staff and emergency response personnel.

We’re excited about having our Watch Dogs Program start this month! We look forward to seeing dads on campus to serve as mentors and extra security. At Meridian Elementary we know that it takes a village and we are happy that you are able to join us. Please be sure to check our website for updates on upcoming school events.


Marie McKenzie


  • Please check our Lost and Found in the cafeteria. There are several items.
  • Please be sure our students are ready for the weather.
  • Please use the crosswalks as a model to our students. Most importantly, it is dangerous to have students cross in the bus lane. We want to keep our kids safe. Thank you so much for cooperating with us on this.