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Field Day - Changes to Schedule

Hello Meridian Families,

Due to the weather forecast for Friday, we have had to pivot on our Field Day plans and make some changes in order to give the kids the best experience possible.  Unfortunately, we can’t simply move everything to another day because we have a few things booked with various companies that can’t be changed.  With that said, we will be doing a couple of the planned field day events indoors on Friday, May 20 during their regularly scheduled specials time and then the remainder of the field day events outside on Tuesday, May 24.  Below are a few important points about each day’s activities.

Friday - May 20:  

  • On Friday, we will have the obstacle course and Kona Ice stations that were sponsored by PTO set up in the gym and art room.  Students will attend these stations during their regularly scheduled specials time.

  • Due to limited space, we will NOT be able to have spectators attend the indoor rotation during specials on this day.

  • Instead of wearing their class color previously planned as part of spirit week, students should wear their favorite t-shirt/color on Friday.  They will wear their class color shirt next Tuesday during outdoor events. 

  • As previously planned, there will be NO hot lunch served on Friday. Kids that did not request a cold sack lunch from the cafeteria (before May 4) using the form sent by their teacher will need to bring in their own sack lunch on Friday.

Tuesday - May 24:

  • We will hold the remainder of the outdoor events in a half-day rotation format.

    • 3rd, 4th, & 5th grade will attend from 8:30-11:00

    • Kinder, 1st, & 2nd will attend from 12:00-2:30

  • During the opposite half of the day, students will participate in the earned school-wide reward cooperative play/strategy game day.  

  • Your student will be rotating through 12 stations run by volunteers.  One station will be hosted by Rattlers Lacrosse (thanks Coach Dylan). The other stations consist of games that your child has learned throughout their physical education class this year. 

  • Please make sure you send students with a water bottle that will be traveling with them.  It is a good idea to put their name on their bottle in case it gets left behind. Also, be sure they have sunscreen on before the day starts.

  • Spectators are welcome to attend during your students’ outdoor events.  You will need to check-in at the main entrance for a visitor’s badge as previously planned.  

  • If you are bringing along younger kids that don’t attend Meridian, please make sure they are with you at all times, cheering on and just watching.  Also, remember that pets are not allowed on school grounds.  

  • Students will need to wear their class color T-shirt on Tuesday for the outdoor events.

  • Hot lunch will be served as usual on Tuesday, but some grade level lunch times will be changed to accommodate the schedule.

Despite the lack of cooperation from the weather, I am so excited that we are able to, once again, host a Field Day at Meridian and invite families to come out and watch.  I know we will still have a ton of fun and be able to do most everything planned, it will just need to be spread out over 2 days.  I thank you in advance for your flexibility as we work to make things work the best we can for all our kids!  

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Michele Smith