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Gifted and Talented

On average, approximately 3% of a school’s student population is identified as Gifted and Talented (GT).  Meridian has more than 10% Gifted and Talented students.  A body of evidence is used in Adams 12 Five Star Schools to qualify a student for this identification.  Appropriate enrichment, acceleration and differentiation takes place within the classroom.  Because of this philosophy, there is no specialized curriculum or isolated program at Meridian. 

Testing for identification of GT students at Meridian will take place Fall 2018.  The district specialists will then evaluate the test results, checklists, and other evidence to determine whether the student qualifies and you will be notified of their recommendation by US Mail approximately four to six weeks after testing.  

All 2nd Graders at Meridian are tested using the NNAT Universal screener, Fall 2018.

The CoGAT (cognitive abilities test) is the measure that our school district administers to identify GT students.  It is a standardized measure that is administered in small grade level groups and tests cognitive abilities along with problem solving skills.  CoGAT testing nomination forms are now available. Testing nomination forms are due to your classroom teacher Fall 2018.  If the forms are not turned in by Fall 2018 your child will need to wait until 2019 for testing. 

Any teacher could have identified GT students in their classrooms. Therefore, the classroom teacher is your primary contact. Each teacher is responsible for providing differentiated instruction to their identified gifted and talented students. 

We offer before or after school activities such as Spelling Bee, Battle of the Books, APEX fair, NaNoWriMo,  Art Club, and Math Olympiad   

This February we will have our first on site field trip!  We are excited to welcome STEMpunkED.  Check it out!

May The Force (of Static Electricity) be With You - STEMpunk

A Star Wars themed science exploration where we'll learn to use The Force (of Static Electricity) to levitate and repel objects, power light tubes, propel spacecraft, generate lightening, and more! There'll be lots of opportunities for padawans to perform Jedi tricks themselves.

Get involed.  Make it happen!

Meridian GT Team

Activities for parents of gifted and talented students

  • Volunteer in the classroom, support our teachers

  • Volunteer for after school parent lead activities

Enrichment for students:

None of these programs are expressly endorsed by Meridian Elementary or Adams12 Five Star Schools, rather they are offered as possible opportunities to enrich your child.

Specifically For Gifted And Talented Students

  • University of Northern Colorado: The Center for the Education and Study of Gifted, Talented, Creative Learners offers three summer programs for children and youth

  • Center for Bright Kids, Colorado School of Mines

  • Dawson School Summer Camp, Andrew Dawson college-prepatory school

General Interest Camps, Not Specifically For Gifted And Talented Students

  • Boulder Valley School District Lifelong Learning Camps: a wide variety of camps with a variety of themes and areas of interest.

STEM Focused Opportunities

  • University of Colorado Science Discovery: large variety of science based camps and classes 

  • Denver Museum of Nature and Science: a variety of programming at the museum

  • Play Well: Lego-inspired Engineering Workshops

  • Home Depot: Hands-on creative projects, first Saturday of every month

  • Lowe's Build and Grow

Art Focused Opportunities

  • The Art Underground: Creative workshops in Louisville

Language Arts And Theatrical Focused Opportunities

  • Colorado Writing Project Young Writers Camp (new post)

  • Backstory Theatre: Theatrical workshops for kids

  • Regis University Summer Reading Program

  • Lighthouse Writers: opportunities for young writers to learn more about the craft of writing and publishing their work

  • Shepherd Valley Waldorf School:  Storycamp, creative summer camp for 7-13 year olds

Outdoor Adventure Focused Opportunities

  • Colorado Mountain Ranch: Outdoor adventure

  • Cheley Colorado Camp: Outdoor adventure camp for older elementary students

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