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Mrs. Nelson's Class

General Education

Welcome to our class page.  I know as we begin this journey into remote learning we all have a million questions; I trust that we will work through them all together.  This time is full of stress and uncertainty but I believe if we collaborate with grace and patience we will all adjust to this way of teaching, learning, and working from home and be able to support our students.  As always please communicate any questions or concerns with me as soon as they arise. I want to help. We're better together.

Remote learning in Five Star Schools will be asynchronous, meaning students will learn the same material at different times and locations. I will look at work completion on a weekly basis, allowing your students to access the resources, complete, and turn in tasks throughout the day and week at times that work best for your family. Instead of on a daily basis, I will track attendance based on weekly student participation and work completion. I will share resources (readings, links, videos) and tasks (exercises, activities, problems, projects) on weekly Learning Boards that will be shared on your student’s Google Classroom page every Monday morning.  Activities on the Learning Board will match the content area we would be learning at school (Reading, Writing, Foundational Literacy, Math, Science/Social Studies).  Because remote learning of any type moves more slowly than traditional methods these activities will only cover about 25% of what we would cover at school. There will be additional enrichment activities if you want to do more with your student.  

Remote, asynchronous learning is meant to allow a majority of the learning to be independently worked on by your third grader. I know first hand how hard that can be for students to achieve and how hard that can be on you as you work from home as well. I realize that some students will be able to accomplish more independently than others.   We don’t want home learning to cause your family further stress, please give yourself and your student grace as we learn how to do this together.  If at any time the work seems too much please contact me. We will be using platforms and sites that your students are used to and they will become more independent as we progress. 

If at any time you or your child have questions, please contact me.  You or your student can email me or message me on the Remind app.   Additionally I have designated office hours when we can set up times to connect:  M, W, F 8:30-9:30 a.m. and 1:00-2:00 p.m.    T, Th 10:00-11:00 a.m. and 2:15-3:15 p.m.

Thank you for your continued collaboration with me as we work together to support your students.