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McKay Park Legacy Project

McKay Park Legacy Project

article by Reagan and Jordann, Meridian 5th graders

Photos by Reagan

5th graders at Meridian Elementary are helping out the community by cleaning up McKay Lake.  As part of our Legacy Project we have agreed to clean up and improve McKay Lake.  We wanted to leave our legacy by providing McKay Lake with some special attention to its needs. To do so, we plan to go on a field trip to put up our wood duck houses, bat houses, trash cans, bug boxes and more. Duck houses are wooden boxes where wood ducks can nest safely away from predators. Bat houses provide shelter for bats. Bug boxes are wooden boxes with varying sizes of holes where bugs can get away from predators.  Duck houses help the wood ducks because it provides a safe and waterproof area where wood ducks can nest and raise their ducklings.  Bat houses mimic caves where bats can safely hang and take refuge from any weather.  We are supporting bats and introducing them to McKay Lake because of all the mosquitoes and bugs that a bat can safely decrease in numbers.  Bug boxes are reasonable sized boxes that numerous helpful insects can use to lay eggs. Currently McKay Lake is very ill and has been poisoned with trash and cigarettes. This lake is very important to our community as a place to see nature.We feel strongly about protecting we are animals too and if we destroy the environment  then we are destroying ourselves.

These are the duck houses and bat boxes that we purchased to place at McKay Lake.

McKay Lake

Geese and Goslings at McKay Lake

Trash at McKay Lake that we will be cleaning up.