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This year's APEX Fair will be on May 11th.  It will be open for classes to visit from 8 a.m.-2 p.m. and open to the public from 4-6 p.m.   It is being held in conjunction with the Learning Nights of several grade levels.

Entry into the fair is optional, except as required by individual classroom teachers.  Projects must be brought in to Mrs. Hardon on May 11th.

Students must complete and turn in a  proposal sheet by April 28nd.  The forms are available outside the Computer Lab.

APEX projects should be guided by a "FAT" (Inquiry) question.  These are questions that have an answer but are not easily answered with "yes" or "no" or a single word.  An example of a FAT question would be "what evidence is there that there was or is life on other planets".  An APEX project can be on any topic of interest, not just limited to a Science Project, but all 2nd graders will be entering a Science Project in the APEX Fair.

Each project should include a display that is free standing and approximately 3ft. x 3ft.  In addition to the display, students may include props, multimedia materials, a demonstration, etc.  Projects needing special arrangements such as a computer, floor space, surface protection, live animals, etc. MUST be cleared with Mrs. Hardon in advance.

The links below are to idea starters.  They could help get a project started but are not meant to be everything that is needed for an APEX project.

Document(s)SizeUpload Date
Microsoft Office document icon APEX Fair Application 2017.doc43.5 KB09/25/2018
PDF icon APEX flyer.pdf260.48 KB09/25/2018
PDF icon Ancient Egypt.pdf121.76 KB09/18/2018
PDF icon Castles.pdf145.39 KB09/18/2018
PDF icon Dolphins.pdf81.92 KB09/18/2018
PDF icon Ghost towns.pdf150.26 KB09/18/2018
PDF icon Magic.pdf77.67 KB09/18/2018
PDF icon ancient japan.pdf114.58 KB09/18/2018
PDF icon baseball.pdf48.76 KB09/18/2018
PDF icon big cats.pdf126.11 KB09/18/2018
PDF icon cartoons and comics.pdf56.54 KB09/18/2018
PDF icon movie making.pdf58.23 KB09/18/2018
PDF icon robots.pdf76.86 KB09/18/2018
PDF icon sculpture.pdf156.7 KB09/18/2018
PDF icon time machines.pdf78.57 KB09/18/2018
PDF icon veterinarians.pdf120.73 KB09/18/2018