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Mr. Spanel's Art Class


I hope everyone has been staying safe over this extended break.  I am excited to navigate this challenge of online learning with you.  On the main specials site, the specials teachers will be posting a link to a learning board where you can find activities from each specials subject to do at home.  The purpose of the lessons is to give you a break from your electronic devices or alternate tech activities for your device.  The suggested lessons will allow you to engage in art, music, PE, and tech in a way that you see fit.  Some activities will include directions only while others may have a short instructional video for you to watch.  I will have office hours for two hours every day where I will be available to answer questions if needed.  Please see the schedule below.

Monday: 8-9am & 12-1pm

Tuesday: 7-9am

Wednesday: 9-10am & 12-1

Thursday: 1-3pm

Friday: 8-9am & 12-1pm

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