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Special Ed

At Meridian we believe the educational needs of each child are as unique as they are. The following classes are provided to help ensure that all our students succeed by addressing those unique needs directly. If you would like to learn more about Special Education within the district as a whole please visit the Adams 12 Five Star Schools Special Education page. If you have additional questions about these classes or their curriculum which cannot be answered on the district website or within the class descriptions below please contact usand we will be happy to help.

Special Ed Classrooms

Mrs. Mitchell's Class

Subject: General Education
Information about Remote Learning: Dear SLS Families,   I know that this is a challenging time for all of us. I, too, have my own challenges with nine people in one house all of the time (my husband, myself, my five teenagers, and my in-laws...

Mrs. Rome's Class

Subject: General Education
Offering individualized programming designed to address many different communication disorders, including:  Articulation Disorders, Receptive and Expressive Language Disorders, Voice Disorders, Fluency (stuttering) Disorders, Auditory...

Mrs. Schillo's Class

Subject: General Education
Hello Meridian!  I hope that all of you are staying healthy during this remote time away from each other. Please know that I constantly think about all my "kiddos" and it is very difficult being away from our school and being away from all of you...