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4th Grade

Fourth grade is a year in which we expand upon and apply what students have learned up to this point. We carefully align our plans with the state standards and the district curriculum.

In reading, students read in groups and independently each day.  Fourth graders will study the following genres:  historical fiction, legends, realistic fiction, poetry, and non-fiction.  We use novels, short stories, and content area books to study these different genres.

Fourth grade students will learn how to write effectively in all subject areas including language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science. Students will gain proficiency in poetry, poetry analysis, mathematical constructed responses, paragraphs, realistic fiction, non-fiction writing and a choice research piece.  Our instruction emphasizes the six traits of writing: content and ideas, organization, sentence fluency, word choice, voice and conventions, as well as publication/presentation.

The scientific method of investigation and hands-on, exploratory activities are the basis for learning about energy, waves, structure and function of life systems and earth systems, specifically the effects of weathering and erosion on our changing world. Our science program also includes the use of scientific notebooks in which investigations are taken through the entire scientific process. Units often culminate with an engineering project designed to allow students to design, build and test their own ideas to demonstrate their learning.

In our study of Colorado history our focus is on interdependence.   Students learn about various groups of people who have contributed to the development of our state.  These include: Native Americans, explorers, trappers/traders, miners, settlers.  We also explore different time periods in Colorado history such as the Great Depression and WWII. Another focus in fourth grade social studies is on geography, ranging from basic map skills and terms, to the in depth study of various regions and life zones in Colorado.

Meridian uses the Everyday Math program.  It reinforces concepts learned in previous years and introduces new concepts. Through activities we learn: Operations and computation, numeration, patterns, functions and algebra, data and chance, measurement and reference frames, and geometry. One of the most exciting units in fourth grade math involves learning algorithms for solving multi digit division problems!

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Fourth grade teachers use our school districts online grading book on a daily basis. This means that you and your child can access grades anytime you want. Teachers will teach students how to access this as well. Our goal is for students to check this weekly on their own accord by the second semester. 

4th Grade Classrooms

Mrs. Hempelmann's Class

Subject: General Education
Welcome to our wonderful class where wonder and the love of learning happen daily.   Hi Wonderful 4th Grade Parents!  Thank you for your patience in getting all of this information out to you. Please save this as a first-source for reference...

Mrs. Lardes Class

Subject: General Education
Welcome to Mrs. Lardes' 4th Grade Class!! Starting April 1st we will be moving into remote learning. Please see the Parent Information Handbook for details!

Mrs. Mendenhall's Class

Welcome to Mrs. Mendenhall's third grade class! We are very excited for a new year full of fun learning and exploration.   

Mrs. Schermerhorn's Class

Subject: General Education
Hello families, I am so excited to start my 10th year of teaching as a Meridian Mustang! My family recently relocated from Fishers, Indiana to Broomfield, Colorado.  My husband, Jeff, and I have 2 kiddos. Our daughter, Addison, is 4 years old...