Get Involved

Seasonal volunteer opportunity! Meridian's annual food drive is upon us.  We need volunteers to make sure our friends at Federal Heights Elementary receive a Thanksgiving Basket.  Click the picture to sign up to help! 

Parent volunteers offer a huge resource and support base for the school community while showing their kids the importance of participating in the larger community. Not only will the school reap the benefits of your involvement — you will, too. By interacting with teachers, administrators, and other parents on a regular basis, you'll gain a firsthand understanding of your child's daily activities. You'll also tap into trends and fads of school life that can help you communicate with your kids as they grow and change.  The Meridian PTO’s goal is to facilitate a positive relationship between our parents, teachers, administrators and our local community. We would love to have you as a volunteer!

Ways To Get Involved

  • Attend a PTO meeting
  • Put a suggestion in the PTO Box
  • Buy a reloadable King Soopers card and use it for gas and groceries
  • Sign up to bring some food for our teachers and staff
  • Deliver a turkey basket at Thanksgiving to a family in need
  • Run a game station for our annual Halloween party
  • Chaperone a group of kids on a limo ride
  • Be on the planning committee for our Mustang Mile & Fall Festival, Delightful Daughter, or Spectacular Son events
  • Be a homeroom parent for your child’s classroom
  • Send in items on your teacher’s wish list.

If you are looking for other ways to get your family involved in charitable community projects, see our list of volunteer opporunities in the North Metro area. If your free time is limited, but you'd still like to contribute, check the Fundraising page for easy ways you can raise money for Meridian Elementary. If you have any questions or interest in volunteering, please contact the PTO President, Kristy Niedermuller.