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"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." Helen Keller

At Meridian we offer four supplemental classes in support of providing your child a well-rounded education. Our Specials include Art, Music, Physical Education, and Science and Technology. Please find more detailed information about each of our specials classes below. If you have questions about any of our Specials and are unable to find the answers you seek in the class descriptions below please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Specials Classrooms

Ms. Shuck's Technology Class

Subject: Technology
Wondering what the Technology Special will look like for your child? Each student at Meridian will have an opportunity to begin to master the 4 C's-  Creativity, Critical thinking, Communication, and Collaboration. The following topics will be...

Physical Education

Subject: Physical Education
Physical Education at Meridian emphasizes enjoyable participation in physical activity.  Students will develop the knowledge, attitudes, motor skills, behavioral skills, and confidence needed to adopt and maintain physically active lifestyles.

Mr. Spanel's Art Class

Subject: Art
"An artist is not a special kind of person, but every person is a special kind of artist".  This quote summarizes art at Meridian Elementary. Every student IS a special artist;  each with their own passions and talents. The art classroom is a...

Mr. Watson's Music Class

Subject: Music
Music at Meridian gives students the opportunity to experience music through a variety of modes.  Students learn to imitate, explore, improvise, and create music by singing, speaking, moving, and playing instruments.

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