5th Grade

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Fifth Grade Curriculum

What do these words have in common: apex, peak, summit, meridian? These words are all synonyms for culmination.  Fifth grade is the culmination and application of all that our students have experienced at Meridian.  This is the transition year that prepares students for middle school.  Our fifth grade curriculum is based on district and state standards. These standards emphasize thinking skills which we will integrate in all subjects.  In science we will be exploring the concept of systems through the following units: Human Body Systems, Structures and Properties of Matter, Earth Systems and Matter and Energy in Organisms and Ecosystems.  In social studies we will be exploring American history from the 1400s through the Revolutionary War.   Writing will focus on three major genres that include narrative, informational, and opinion. In reading we are working on emphasizing the development of reading for learning by using critical thinking.  This will be applied to both fiction and non fiction texts. For math, we continue to use the Every Day Math program and will cover everything from basic two digit division to fractions to negative numbers and beyond!   


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5th Grade Classrooms

Mrs. Moore's Class

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Welcome to our classroom website! Use this website link below as a resource to access and gather information about our classroom environment on what we are learning.   Mrs. Moore's Fifth Grade Classroom Website

Mr. Olson's Class

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Ms. Voll's Think Tank

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Welcome to The Think Tank!  As our name infers, thinking is the emphasis here - learning the process of HOW to think, not WHAT to think!  What is thinking?  How does scientific thinking differ from debating global issues?  Can a child apply their...